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@DarthQassim is a con artist NOT a producer. Industry beware aka DarthQassim

This man goes by the name DarthQaasim.  Recently we received information that he is also a wannabe producer who is actually a thief and of the worse kind. He pretends to be a producer but there is no music in sight other than a lack luster music video and song he made almost 2 years ago.

The industry especially media and well known celebs need to steer clear of this man. It's being reported he conned a woman out of cash and services.  He also approached a media site trying to get said woman exposed.  This man is dangerous. He does not care about his victims. Only what he can gain. Hide your kids, hide you wallets and if you meed DarthQaasim his motive is to use you for your connections and also steal money from you every chance he gets.

This industry is hard enough on up and coming industry professionals let alone other artist without these types of snakes lurking in the grass waiting to con you. These people are like pedophiles. Sociopaths.

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