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Reap Youngin collaborates with Fred The Godson on new "Let Em Know" single

Recording for the better part of the last decade Reap Youngin, is an aspiring MC from the Worcester, MA section. Inspired at a young age by the legendary Busta Rhymes, Reap was galvanized by not only the talent but the delivery as well. Over the years the list of his influencers has increased to include Jadakiss, DMX, Nas, Bone Thugs, and Nate Dogg. Falling in love with Hip Hop for the first time after hearing We Are the Streets classic album from The Lox, Reap has incorporated different elements from all of his favorite MCs, forming a blueprint for the success of his brand and his music. Check out his latest track, Let em Know, where he collaborates with BX heavy hitter Fred The Godson

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