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Kristinia DeBarge - "Hol' On Boy" | @Kristinia @mediahunterpr1

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter/actress Kristinia DeBarge is back with a hot new single "Hol' On Boy." Produced by Adonis Shropshire, Kristinia is bold, sexy and outspoken on her new single, where she let's her man know not to press her or think that he is running things because she clearly takes care of her own. "Hol' On Boy" is a departure from her hit single "Goodbye" in 2009 in that it feels more urban and less of the pop sound fans may be used to. Kristinia is showing her maturity as well as her personality. "Hold On Boy" is the first single off of her forthcoming album.

Keep up with Kristinia on Twitter @Kristinia and on IG: @Kristiniadeb

Kristinia DeBarge Behind The Scenes Recording "Hol' On Boy" 

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