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#Sports : Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list | @kobebryant

In a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves,  LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, was able to sink the free-throws that replaced Jordan on the highest all-time scoring list.

This is the top 5 list :

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38,387

2. Karl Malone – 36,298

3. Kobe Bryant – 32,293 (and counting)

4. Michael Jordan – 32,292

5. Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419

Michael Jordan had this to say about Kobe : 

"I Congratulate Kobe on reaching his milestone. He's obviously a great play, with a strong work ethic and has an equally strong passion for the game of basketball. I've enjoyed watching his game evolve over the years, and i look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next."

This is a huge deal in basketball, and for Kobe to reach such a milestone really shows the hard work that he has put into the league since 1996, when he was drafted by the Hornets and later traded to the Lakers.  

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