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"Philly Hip Hop Charts" Top 10 Singles of the Week 12/ 12 /14

1.Meek Mill | @meekmill - F*ck You Mean f/ Lil Boosie (prod. x J. Oliver)
FOUR WEEKS STRAIGHT...Damn! Is somebody gonna come thru and take the Top Spot from Meek? [Same]

2. Quilly | @therealquilly - Real One
Staying put this week only because the radio play hasn't slowed down. [Same]

3. DJ Ant - @werunthestreets - SHE SO BAD f/ PNB Rock x Reese Rell x Santos
DeeJay Ant got this joint moving if it keeps going I can see it cracking the Top 2 next week but then AGAIN... ! On another note They performed this at PHILLY SONG BATTLE this past Wed. and the crowd went NUTS chics were singing every word. [Same]

4. Gillie Da Kid | @gilliedakid - TATTOO f/ Jeremih 
Gillie got this joint moving not just at home but thru the country...I told y'all ladies LOVE THIS JOINT!!! [UP 1]

5. PNB Rock | @pnbrock - My City Need Something
This joint is just so REAL and the streets keep calling for it! [Same]

6. Back 2 Basics | @back2basics - SELF DESTRUCTION f/ @lihtzkamraz x Mpee x Na Nittles x Delaware's Gutta x Boogie Digits x Big Ooh x @gilliedakid x Curtis Star x Don Quan 4ever
This STOP THE VIOLENCE Philly Anthem takes a short jump up from last week! [Up 1]

7. Quilly | @darealquilly - STRANGE STREETS f City Rominiecki - Quilly lays his life on this new record and City crushes the hook...plus the samples and sounds are so eerie!!! [Debut]

8. Asia Sparks | @sparklegirla - BROKE CHICKS (prod. x Jahlil Beats)
Asia drops down to #8. [DOWN 2]

9. Young Chris | @youngchris - LEGENDS NEVER DIE f/ Beanie Sigel
Gunna stays put for the second straight week! [Same]

10. Ar-Ab x Darklo | @arab_tgop x @obhdarklo - BLOW 3 
Ab and Dark Lo go toe to toe...back and forth on some HARD STREET ish as only OBH can.  [Debut]


@kurngb - When I Lost
@Omelly215 - Break Me Down f/ Wale x Gourdan
@pook215paperz - You Ain't Real f/ Kre Forch
@santoslb4r - Still Here f/ Spade-O x Freeway
@liluzivert - Motorola

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