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#News : Stripper Jhonni Blaze Calls Out LNHH Star Erica Mena l @iamErica_Mena @JHONNIBLAZE

Trouble In New York? Apparently Jhonni Blaze Fucked Bow Wow as she said in a recent IG post.  She also continues to take shots at LHHNY star Erica Mena There seems to be alot of tension between the two stars of LHHNY.

Jhonni Blaze had this to say :  

"This fix a flat in the tits bum ass h-e that decided last year to talk about my deceased dude has no room to talk. “Isn’t your boyfriend dead ain’t you the one who killed him ? Dig him up and hug him monkey “.  own up to your shit hoe. Be a real . I have no shame on saying what I did was right but no one will respect you for trying tot act like you better then someone because you getting married . And  don’t play with me because I’m not tony rock Ill demolish you quick . I been down that rode prostitution and much more and I owned up to my . A lot of these h-es just like you always trying to be perfect and not. You got more body count then me  . Hints you are 34 pretending to be 26.  got a count of 323 . You got a whole church choir .  probably smell like hot dog water and vinegar. This hoe built like a asparagus. Weren’t you working at the Kim kardashian store and sucking d-ck for 65$. Hoe had a whole d-ck sweat shop in this mother .  I told you I was coming for you and I’m going to be your worse night mare. You don’t make more money then me you can’t sing (and I f-cked your fiance) (facts) you the type of h-e that think she’s delivert because she fake changing . Just know I got something for that ass. You met your match … keep playing with that monkey word I’m going to snatched yah blue cap back blue"

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