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#News : R Kelly owes $2.9 million!! | @rkelly

Singer R Kelly apparently took out a bank loan for $3.5 million dollars for a house he built in 1999.  After refusing to pay his mortgage payments the bank filed a lawsuit in 2011.  They were looking to gain $2.9 million plus foreclosure on the home. After Kelz tried to sell the home for $1.59 million – due to the economy dropping a bit – and failing, the bank got their wish on the foreclosure. 

During the auction, the home was then sold back to Chase Bank for $950,000.  So in addition to still owing the bank $2,922,202.99 – for the original lawsuit he’d taken out, plus interest – R. Kelly owes both state as well as federal taxes.  Seems like R Kelly is not having the best financial luck now-a-days!

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