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#News : LHH Creator Mona Scott explains why stars Berg & Benzino were fired | @MonaScottYoung @IAMBENZINO @TheRealYungBerg

Love & Hip Hop creator, Mona Scott, explains a little on the details surrounding the firing of LHHATL star Benzino, as well as LHH Hollywood star Berg.

VladTV caught up to Mona Scott to to ask her of the situation and this is what she had to say when asked about the two.

Benzino : 
I really don’t spend much time living out my business relationships on social media. Benzino and Althea I think are very much aware of what transpired and I wish them nothing but the best. They were very much in love, so I’m hoping that they move forward and have an incredible wedding and an amazing life together. But I definitely wish them the best

Yung Berg:
Like I said, a lot of times, emotions get the best of them. I was not there, so I can’t speak to exactly what led to that. But I know that he does feel badly that it happened, and unfortunately the network decided that that was an absolute position they had to take.

You can check out the full video below : 

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