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#News : Harvard graduate pulled over for playing NWA in public

Cesar Baldelomar, a 26 year old double graduate of Hardvard University, was stopped at a red light in Miami during his Thanksgiving Break.

The cop who pulled Cesar over was Harold Garzon, who been with the police force for 17 years.  Though he has time with the department, he has managed to rack up 16 internal affairs cases against himself.

Officer Garzon told cesar it is illegal to play loud music withing 25 feet of another person.
Cesar simply laughed and had to school the officer on the laws of the state, especially since Cesar was in Law school himself. 

"In 2012 the state supreme court struck down any law banning loud music," he says. "I knew that because it was a case I had actually studied in law school."
Garzon grew angry, though, when Baldelomar told him that fact. He called over two other cops and then demanded proof of insurance. Baldelomar pulled up his info on his phone, but Garzon waived it off, saying, "It's got to be paper." (It doesn't. Florida changed the law a year ago.)
Finally, Garzon tore off three tickets: one for the insurance, one for having an out-of-state license plate, and one for not wearing a seat belt. Baldelomar says he was wearing his seat belt the whole time and is still legally a resident of Massachusetts.
When Baldelomar asked where his noise violation was, Garzon told him to take off and not to get "smart."

Mr. Baldelomar plans to contest the tickets written by the office, in which he did not sign, and also is filing a complaint against the officer

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