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Video: NhT Boyz - Yang'd Out {Dir. By Syndicate Studios} @NhTBoyz @NhTChippass @NdkNhT @NhTKnawley

NhT Boyz drop an official video for their popular Yang'd Out track, produced by YP on the Beat (@yponthabeat) this video really shows the star power of NhT members Chippass, Nikatine Da King and Knawley FiT Game. Video directed by Syndicate Studios.

About NhT Boyz

NhT Boyz, a Hip Hop group born and raised in Oakland, Ca comprised of Nikatine Da King, Chippass and Knawley Fit Game. Their music style can be described as aggressive street and/or party music that can be compared to legendary groups, such as: The Geto Boz, NWA, and 3-6 Mafia. www,hiphopondeck.comThe NhT Boyz released their first project, “The Introduction”, in 2008. The mixtape caught fire with notable records like “The Introduction”, "I’m Goin” and "Time for Change". Considered a classic in the bay area, the project brought a lot of attention to the group and garnered much acclaim. NhT Boyz next project,“Power Triangle”, boasted quality productions from the likes of YP, Traxamillion and Erk the Jerk, to name a few. The project also has features from bay area legend The Jacka and fellow Mob Figaz Husalah. Power Triangle was released in 2010 and earned 100,000+ downloads and the music videos connected to the project have received over a million views. The NhT Boyz have continued to drop mixtapes that were well received by the streets and the ladies, including Coming Soon (2011), Yangland (2012), 420 Project (2012) and YP vs Rizzy (2013). Not being satisfied with just the local spotlight, the NhT Boyz set out on a mission to expand their brand and members of the group began releasing solo projects that have given the group even more clout. Chippass has released 3 solo projects Original Yangster (2013), Original Yangster 2 (2014) and most recently Loyalty over Royalty (2014). Nikatine Da King has also released 3 solo projects Wet Yang (2013), Wet Yang 2 (2014) and most recently Bright Future (2014). The NhT Boyz have grown and continue to grow into a global brand that has their own slang, their own merchandise that is available on their website www.NhTBoyzMusic.com and most importantly a reputation for turning up their live shows everywhere they perform. All the hard work the NhT Boyz have put forth has earned them a distribution deal to release their highly-anticipated group album "The Originals" in early 2015.

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