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@TeamBlockBallin Presents Billionaire Buck (@ComptonsBuck) "F*ck A Cup"

 Billionaire Buck (@Comptonsbuck) "F*ck A Cup" Featuring Gold & Young Lawless

The saga cont. Billionaire Buck(@comptonsbuck) movement shows no signs of stopping or losing steam,still feeding the people 1st he gave you the radio smash “Around Da Way” then he walked you his roots/city of “Compton, California” with the “Live From Compton” visual freestyle,then he dropped the Club/Street banger “Whoop” sure satisfy any crowd.Now the Compton Billionaire drops a heavily high energy influenced record entitled,"F*ck A Cup". No pouring, it's all about turning over the bottles on this record. Buck also bring along fellow West Coast recording artists Young Lawless and Gold to take the party to the next level. Grab a bottle of your finest and get T'D up to the max. until the release of Billionaire Buck’s soon to be released “BLACKJEW” project. Check out the latest release below! An then hit buck up via Twitter:@comptonsbuck & IG: @billionaire_buck

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