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Music: She Say - Mantiz ft. JetsonMade | @Mantiz186 @SheBloggin

Buzzing South Carolina artist Mantiz premieres his highly anticipated new single today titled "She Say", featuring fellow SC native Jetsonmade, who killed the hook. The single was also produced by Mantiz, and will be appearing on his forthcoming EP, "#ThankYouForListening" which he plans to drop later this year around the holidays. About Jay “Mantiz” McCorkle: Jay “Mantiz” McCorkle is a Columbia, SC born, current Atlanta, GA resident whose music talents are the epitome of the word versatile. As a producer, certified audio engineer, singer, and rapper, his mastered artistries stretch beyond the average music and entertainment professional in the Hip-Hop genre. As with other authentically talented music professionals, Mantiz began sharpening his talents at an early age. He started playing the drums at age five, the piano at age nine, and found his love for creating music (becoming a producer) at age 14. He grew up around other family members who were musicians and was quite accustomed and acclimated to being in a studio. In 2006, Mantiz attended Midlands Audio Institute and gained his certification in Audio Engineering, thus propelling his career further to work with some of the best names in the industry.

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